About Koyo

Koyo is an innovative social enterprise dedicated to designing mobile-optimized solutions for communities of lifelong learners.

Our Vision

  • Mobile technology is used to provide real opportunities to connect learning communities at scale and measure impact at levels previously unimaginable
  • Professional communities use mobile technologies for effective lifelong learning that brings about lasting, positive change
  • People who care about their work are brought together and engaged through mobile learning platforms
  • Learning communities absorb, create and share knowledge at a massive scale and apply solutions to real-life workplace challenges and achieve improved performance
  • Long-serving professionals who need to up-skill are re-energized with a digital boost to reconnect with their career

Our Values

  • Promote locally owned, sustainable solutions developed through a grassroots, community-based approach
  • Build open and collaborative partnership networks as a fundamental basis for success
  • Integrate new m-learning solutions to strengthen and further develop organizational strategies and priorities
  • Create a culture of technology-assisted learning in organizations where decision-makers and management see and seek value
  • Demonstrate the value of a learning organization by prioritizing measurement of Koyo’s impact through a credible, evidence and results-based framework
  • Our name was conceived in Africa and is inspired by the Hausa language and culture for “learning together”


Providing real opportunities with mobile technology.

What We Do

Bringing people together through mobile learning platforms

Our Work

Supporting peer-to-peer learning

Our solutions involve building communities of practice around each information resource to encourage discussion and debate and to enable experience-based learning to take place by building virtual communities of collaborative learners through discussion groups and polls.

How we do this

We focus on professional communities and build solutions based on their needs. We map the ecosystem within which they work and identify stakeholders from the internal and external environment and facilitate their involvement and support through partnerships to ensure learning is relevant, aligned with government or organizational priorities, and that it can be applied.

We provide digital literacy support to ensure users have the requisite technical skills to use our mobile-optimized courses. We create understanding on the value of being part of a learning community, demonstrating how it can bring benefits to professional lives and lead to enhanced performance, higher moral, greater participation in the mission of the organization, and even a better quality of life.

We provide ongoing support to build users’ confidence in e-learning, and to influence opinion aimed at creating a shared belief in the possibility of accessing new learning opportunities for positive change through technology.

We provide capacity building support to train moderators for an online environment to ensure forum discussions are not rambling “chats” but rather, focused on the objectives and arriving at the resolution stage.

Our model includes a feedback loop which enables discussions to be summarized with recommendations and presented to decision makers for action and response to the learner community. This component is a key strategic element which connects learner communities with decision-makers and leads, for example, to a more effective policy making dynamic and greater buy-in and execution from the community that will inevitably be tasked with applying policies in the real world.

Community-based means, well, making sure your Community is the basis of everything you do!

Underpinning all our work is the notion of ‘community’ and the desire to connect members of learning communities to leverage collective knowledge to:

Our Team

Linda Hegarty Co-founder and CEO

lindaLinda Hegarty is an m-learning specialist and social entrepreneur committed to harnessing technology as an enabler of positive change for communities of lifelong learners.

For the past two years, she has been supporting organizations in Tanzania to establish a mobile-optimized e-Platform for a virtual community of health workers, working together to find solutions to human resources for health (HRH) challenges. Linda is passionate in her pursuit of technology innovations triggering transformative improvements in peoples’ lives; and believes that technology solutions must always prioritize engaging communities from the outset.

Linda spent 4 years working with the Global Health Workforce Alliance of the World Health Organization where she established the first e-Platform for the global membership of the Alliance. She has worked in a range of other organizations over a career spanning 20 years in variety of countries, contexts and sectors and has a joint honors degree in International Marketing and Languages from Dublin City University, a post graduate diploma in International Cooperation and Development from the University of the Basque Country, and is currently finalizing a fully online MSc in Blended and Online Studies with Napier University, Edinburgh.

Koyo: “Learning Together”

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